Role-playing and strategy with cards in the style of Magic


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Shadow Era is a free online collectable trading game that invites you to take part in strategy-based battles using tons of cards featuring creatures, spells, and abilities.

Shadow Era's gameplay, which is quite different from other, similar games, still recalls certain things about Magic: The Gathering. But resource management and the figure of the hero are very different in Shadow Era, which makes for a much faster and more fluid combat system.

Shadow Era is available for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and even browser-based playing. You can play with the same account on any platform, so all of your characters, cards, and progress will be the same.

The game has excellent artistic design, with truly impressive illustrations. Just go and check out a few screen captures and you'll see what we mean.

Shadow Era is a strategy and role-playing game that gives you enjoyable single player action and also allows you to challenge your friends to fast-paced battles over the Internet.
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